Smart Sports Equipment and Gear That Will Improve Your Performance 

Before the advent of technology, athletes relied solely on hard work and intelligent coaching for success. Today, things have changed. According to Globe News Wire, the global smart sports equipment market is growing and is expected to do so in the coming years.

Sports equipment are designed with the technology to monitor development and improve performance. From enhanced performance to athlete’s safety and monitoring progress, smart sports equipment integrate technology in sporting tools. 

However, low penetration, high prices, and reservations for the old school generation who think these pieces of equipment are sucking the fun out of the game remain the biggest threats to such advancements. Here is a list of some of the most advanced sports equipment you may not have known about. 

  • Smart Sensor Baseball

This is a baseball designed with sensors that help athletes and coaches monitor how a player performs. This device will take into account how you dribble the ball, the force at which you dribble, backspin, and many other aspects of your game. Additionally, it comes with a smartphone app that will let you compete with other players. 

  • Pure Tennis Rackets 

Do you think your hands need some extra work? This equipment helps you monitor your endurance, skills, power, and impact as play. The racket features a built-in sensor that does all the work for you. 

After a training session, you analyze this data on a smartphone app. Accordingly, you can use the app to connect with other players and share ideas on improving specific aspects of your game. 

  • Golf Rangefinders 

As a golfer, you must have gone through a lot trying to estimate the distance and spin to avoid various obstacles on the golf course. It is one of the most daunting tasks, especially for high handicappers. 

However, if you have a golf rangefinder, you are sorted. This brilliant piece eliminates the guesswork, allowing you to determine distance accurately so that you can know the driver or wedge for the shot. All you need is to use it to identify the precise distance and spin required for the ball. It can also help determine the kind of club to choose, even with a slope or trajectory that will allow you to get to the flag with a few shots. 

  • Hockey Stick Inserts

A hockey stick insert is a sensor inserted into a hockey stick to determine shot acceleration, velocity, and angle. The sensor will record data as you play and use a smartphone app to analyze aspects of your game that need improvement. 

  • Football Helmet Sensors

Football is a game of contact, and it can lead to injuries at all levels. However, this helmet sensor is designed inside a player’s helmet to reduce the risk of severe injuries.

The sensor measures the impact on each collision as you play. The technical team can use an app to analyze the data obtained from every hit you take. This helps them determine if the collision is severe to replace you and avoid cases of concussion. 

  • Golf Digital Tracking System 

The technology used to design this equipment allows it to be attached to the end of your driver or wedge. Another tiny device is hooked to your belt to gather your playing data which you can access through a smartphone app. 

With this equipment, you can determine your range, swing speed, handicap, putts, and scoring. Additionally, you can identify the best club for every shot you take. As if that is not enough, you can use the app to share ideas with other golfers and learn from each other. 

  • The Zepp Sensor 

This is a tiny sensor attached to your golf gloves to record data as you play. It will help you identify your swing speed, hip rotation, and club preference. Additionally, it has an integrated smartphone app you can use to view 3D replays of your swings. The same technology can be used to analyze baseball and tennis. 

The Bottom Line

There are no shortcuts to success in sports. However, you can be among the next generation of elite athletes by taking advantage of these high-tech pieces of sports equipment to enhance your training sessions for better results in tournaments. They will motivate you to train for longer and help you analyze aspects of your game that need improving. 

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