We at Clarksville Sports Network strive to allow athletics to showcase their talents at higher levels.

Whether you are doing amateur or professional athletics, you can still have the best when you have the right people to educate, encourage, and assist you in the sport.

As a non-profit making organization, we rely on good wishers to implement our programs. If you aren’t an athlete, you can still be part of this noble curse.

We accept material and financial support to give the athletes the best environment to achieve their best in this physically-intensive sport.

We also encourage people living with disabilities to try their luck to expand our hand in Paralympics.

We believe disability is not inability. We organize tournaments and competitions to identify the community’s talents that need all the necessary support to achieve their dreams in this career.
We identify them at a young age but still encourage them to pursue formal education. Our sports scholarship programs allow them to attain their dream career besides athletics.

We also organize seminars and conferences and invite stakeholders to participate in our programs, either virtually or physically.

We welcome everyone on board. We do this through various programs.

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